Victoria Sanchez-Lincoln is an experienced Fashion Director, Creative Consultant, Stylist and Brand Expert in New York City. She specializes in developing and curating unique fashion content for diverse publications across multimedia platforms. Through her adaptive lens, Victoria has the ability to cater to any target audience. She has worked extensively with celebrities and social influencers in both the general lifestyle and Hispanic markets.  Her collaborations include some of the most talented and creative minds in the photography and art communities, such as Robert Maxwell, Patric Shaw, Stephen Lewis, Stewart Shining, Melvin Sokolsky, Diego Uchitel, Kurt Markus, and Roland Bello.

Victoria is currently working as a consultant in branded content development and
communications, collaborating with major retailers and brands such as Macy's and Garnet Hill. Prior to this, Victoria served as Fashion Director of Real Simple, where she revamped and visually developed the magazine’s fashion direction. Her responsibilities included shaping the magazine’s monthly trend coverage, conceptualizing stories, and styling the fashion features. In addition, Victoria developed and oversaw the fashion editorials across all of Real Simple’s platforms including Real Simple Family, Real Simple Weddings, and RealSimple.com.
Prior to joining Real Simple, Victoria served as Fashion Director of special issues for InStyle, where she curated the fashion content for InStyle MakeoverInStyle Hair, and InStyle Weddings. Previously, she was the Fashion Director of Latina Magazine, where she styled monthly celebrity covers and forecasted and interpreted seasonal trends. At Latina, she also acted as brand design consultant for Latina Life, the magazine’s clothing line, which retailed at Sears. Victoria began her fashion career as a designer in New York and her first experience with the publishing industry was at Mode Magazine as a fashion editor.

Victoria earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with honors in Fashion Design from the Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn, NY. She was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico and currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughter.